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Tart Arnels Authentication To authenticate a vintage Tart Arnel* first look for the oTe shield. It’s usually stamped into the temple, sometimes lightly and/or crooked. On the black frames white paint was added to the shield. Then look at the frames closely. Most vintage Tart Arnel stock will have very light surface scratches, which may […]]]>
Don Draper, Harry Crane: Whose Mad Men Glasses fit you best? Mon, 03 Jun 2013 22:52:30 +0000

Don Draper and Harry Crane. The two most different characters on AMC’s “Mad Men“ are also, perhaps, the two most complex. As the series progresses we learn more and more about Draper, his past and his persona. Crane’s character, however, becomes more and more muddled. Crane began the series as the lone good guy in […]]]> 1 4228