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Customer sharing their love and photos of Old Focals eyewear.

Anthony Coyne wearing Old Focals Rocker eyeglass frames.

The world has never looked better


I bought these Rocker frames from the Old Focals’ store in Pasadena. They were well worth braving the LA traffic for and I’ve been wearing them ever since – pictured here from the driving seat of my 1990’s air cooled Porsche 911 driving down a far less busy Col de Turini into Monaco.

Bootlegger Frames by Old Focals

Bootleggers Rock


I ordered a pair of Bootlegger frames in black a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know that they arrived right on time, I had lenses installed, and I am very pleased with them. The quality is excellent and they are exactly the right size for me. I know feedback tends to be […]


Old Focals Makes the Man


They say image is everything and, although I don’t completely agree with the statement, I believe image speaks volumes long before one has the opportunity to open their mouth. When I’m wearing my Old Focal Frames, I’m completely comfortable with any assumptions one might make about me; they tell my story so I don’t have […]

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