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Double Nought Spy Musicians

Eclectic Music Festival & Arts Walk


Eclectic Music Festival & Arts Walk in So Pas, CA Old Focals’ South Pasadena location will open its private outdoor performance space to the public on May 2, 2015 for the South Pasadena Arts Festival. ¡Socorro! will be returning for a repeat performance. They were a big hit at our last 4th of July gathering […]


In Search of the Source: Hollywood’s Vintage Eyewear Experts


Renko Meets Hollywood’s Vintage Eyewear Experts We enjoyed a great visit from Brands and Films founder Erik Renko from Slovenia while on his California Road Trip: It was our third day in Los Angeles and I was still uncomfortable with LA’s traffic. However, our schedule was tight and ambitious: first we visited Don Draper’s childhood […]

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John Slattery as Roger Sterling wearing the Old Focals Icon frame.

Roger Sterling: An icon of eyewear


With his three-piece suits, coiffure of silver hair and his hard-partying lifestyle Roger Sterling is viewed by many Mad Men fans as an iconic character. One of the founding partners at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce — the advertising firm in AMC’s hit series — Sterling is one of the most distinguished characters in the show, […]

Mad Men's Harry Crane Wearing The Straightman

Don Draper, Harry Crane: Whose Mad Men Glasses fit you best?


Don Draper and Harry Crane. The two most different characters on AMC’s “Mad Men“ are also, perhaps, the two most complex. As the series progresses we learn more and more about Draper, his past and his persona. Crane’s character, however, becomes more and more muddled. Crane began the series as the lone good guy in […]

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