Whose eyewear is Harry Hamlin wearing in Mad Men?

Harry Hamlin as Jim Cutler in Mad Men

Harry Hamlin playing Jim Cutler in season six of Mad Men.

Season six of Mad Men brought a bevy of new twists, turns and plot lines to the Emmy award winning series, one of the most memorable being the slick yet slimey Jim Cutler played by former L.A. Law star Harry Hamlin.

Like all great Mad Men characters, Cutler has a unique 1960s style anchored by his glasses—The Getz from the Old Focals Collector’s Choice selection.

These distinct frames are named in honor of late Hollywood prop master Scott Getzinger—the brains behind props in a long list of blockbusters including “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Independence Day” and “Shutter Island“—and fashioned after the square frames frequently worn by director Martin Scorsese and fashion design Yves Saint Laurent.

Old Focals | Getz | Brown Smoke (02)

Old Focals | Getz | Brown Smoke (02)

Cutler is a partner with one-time Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce competitor Cutler, Gleason, Chaough. As the two companies worked through the process of merging, Hamlin became increasing prevalent on the show.

Although the frames also come in clear, translucent, brown smoke and tortoise, Hamlin’s frames are black, offsetting his silver hair and fair skin. The squareness of the frames compliment his square jaw and making him look intelligent with a twist of eccentricity —quite fitting of his character who has been described as “Roger [Sterling] with bad breath.”

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