Do They Stiill Make Tart Arnel Frames?

Old Focals I Black I J.D.  I Arnel(01)

Old Focals Tart Arnel Replica

Probably the most sought after vintage eyewear frame in the world today is the Arnel style made by Tart Optical Enerprises Inc. in the 50’s & 60’s. Unfortunately that company is  no longer in business and the originals are getting harder and harder to find.  Using  the same, vast collection of New Old Stock  originals that it has used in film and television for the last 3 decades as it’s templates, Old Focals has created it’s own line of  replicas. These reproductions of the stylish frame worn by celebrities like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt  are the closer to the original than any other out there. They are currently available in 3 colors; black, light tortoise , and dark tortoise. Your prescription or  choice of sunglass lenses can be added. Old Focals Tart Arnel Replica

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