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Old Focals: Award Winning Eyewear

Old Focals provides frames for Mad Men

Old Focals provides frames for Mad Men

Award-winning purveyor of eyewear to the entertainment industry and the public for the last three decades, Old Focals collects and sells vintage eyewear as well as provides studio services for TV and film.

We have a range of vintage and antique eyewear  from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s styles and earlier. We specialize in New Old Stock (NOS) which means vintage eyewear that has never been worn and is prescription ready.

Public Enemies - Johnny Depp

Old Focals provided frames for Public Enemies and Johnny Depp.

Based on the knowledge earned from working with Hollywood film and TV productions Russ Campbell, founder of Old Focals has designed a line of eyewear that takes the best features of high quality, vintage style eyeframes and combined them into affordable frames for men and women.

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