Russ Campbell talks movies, Mad Men and his collection

Russ Campbell Founder of Old Focals

Russ Campbell Founder of Old Focals.

After three decades of collecting eyewear, it’s still nice to get some recognition. And last week Old Focals got some ­ from halfway around the world!

Erik Renko, head of digital marketing for the biggest retail company in Solvenia, interviewed founder Russ Campbell for his blog Brands & Films, which covers product placement in film.

The two discussed the many frames from Russ’s collection featured in television — including the popular Draper’s featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and the season premier of “Mad Men” — and in films such as “A Serious Man” and “Book of Eli.”

Here’s a segment from the interview:

Brands & Films: Did you know that Jon Hamm will wear Drapers sunglasses on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Russ Campbell: No, I had no idea. The people at Mad Men were upset that I did not get credit.

BF: Are there some other glasses or sunglasses from Old Focals in the Season 6?

RC: Yes, every year we change it up. As you can tell, the fashion changes pretty quick in the late 1960′s.

BF: On Old Focals’ website we could see that you’ve been cooperating with Mad Men since the beginning.

RC: Yes, that’s true and we also received thanks in the end credits.

BF: How many glasses have you provided since the first episode?

RC: Well, in 6 years a couple hundred each year, so it’s 1,200 give or take.

BF: Don’s sunglasses are called Drapers and could be bought in your store and online. How come you decided for a »mass production« of a specific model of sunglasses? Have you done something similar before?

RC: I did not produce these glasses. They were purchased years ago and they were sitting in our warehouse waiting to come alive.

Read the whole interview here.

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