In Search of the Source: Hollywood’s Vintage Eyewear Experts

Draper Sunglasses provided by Old Focals for Mad Men.

The Drapers worn by actor Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Renko Meets Hollywood’s Vintage Eyewear Experts

We enjoyed a great visit from Brands and Films founder Erik Renko from Slovenia while on his California Road Trip:

It was our third day in Los Angeles and I was still uncomfortable with LA’s traffic. However, our schedule was tight and ambitious: first we visited Don Draper’s childhood home that appeared in the season 6 finale of Mad Men. Then we drove to Altadena, an area north of Pasadena in the outskirts of Los Angeles, where we found a house from the TV show I watched a long long time ago: it was Brenda and Brandon’s home from Beverly Hills 90210.

And then we drove to Pasadena, where we quickly found the place of our next stop. It’s a tiny building on 45 W Green St. with a sign ‘Old Focals’ on the façade….

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We look forward to your next visit Erik!

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