Women’s Eyewear Vintage to Now by BuzzFeed

Woman's Eyewear from Old Focals Vintage Cateyes Black with RhinestonesWomen’s Eyewear Starting from 1930

BuzzFeed companion video for Men’s Eyewear through the decades. Starting with the thin, angular eyeglasses of the 1930s, moving to cateyes then Jackie O style, bright colors of the 80s to current women’s eyewear fashion trends which mix it all up.

Old Focals had a blast working with Chantel Houston and Brent Bennett researching and identifying historically accurate women’s eyewear. And then locating the frames from their collection of vintage eyewear, new old stock eyewear (NOS) and current women’s eyewear.

Vintage eyewear is at least 20 years old and NOS is vintage eyewear that has never been worn. Old Focals has one of the the largest collections of vintage and NOS eyewear in the world.

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