Roger Sterling: An icon of eyewear

John Slattery as Roger Sterling wearing the Old Focals Icon frame.

John Slattery as Mad Men’s Roger Sterling wearing the Old Focals’ Icon frame.

With his three-piece suits, coiffure of silver hair and his hard-partying lifestyle Roger Sterling is viewed by many Mad Men fans as an iconic character.

One of the founding partners at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce — the advertising firm in AMC’s hit series — Sterling is one of the most distinguished characters in the show, but John Slattery’s character took his suave style to another level last week when he donned a pair of tortoiseshell Icon sunglasses from the Old Focals Collector’s Choice selection.

Sterling was shown wearing the frames while riding in the backseat of a red 1966 Ford Mustang alongside Don Draper and Harry Crane.


Jon Hamm (The Drapers), John Slattery (The Icon) and Rich Sommer (Foster Grants) film a scene for their hit TV show “Mad Men” in Los Angeles.

Inspired, in part, by the Tart Arnel frames worn by Hollywood heavyweights such as James Dean, Cary Grant and Johnny Depp, these 1950s-style frames work as both sunglasses and prescription frames. With a variety of colors and sizes they look good on men and women.

Old Focals Icon eyewear in tortoiseshell

The Icon frame in tortoiseshell.

You don’t have to be a silver fox like Roger Sterling to pull off the Icons, but a pair would certainly put you in good company.


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