Don Draper, Harry Crane: Whose Mad Men Glasses fit you best?

Don Draper wears sunglassses from Old Focals

Jon Hamm aka Don Draper opens this season’s Mad Men with a style from Old Focals.

Don Draper and Harry Crane. The two most different characters on AMC’s “Mad Men are also, perhaps, the two most complex.

As the series progresses we learn more and more about Draper, his past and his persona. Crane’s character, however, becomes more and more muddled.

Mad Men's Harry Crane Wearing The Straightman

Mad Men’s Harry Crane Wearing The Straightman

Crane began the series as the lone good guy in a group of scum bags, holding the thankless position of television department head. Now, as one of the top dogs at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, it appears his moral compass might be pointing in a very different direction and some question if this once lovable loser has turned into a villain.

Both characters are in many ways defined by the glasses they’re known for sporting. Crane and his signature Straightman frames have been featured heavily in the show’s sixth season alongside Draper and the sunglasses named in his honor. Both frames are from the Old Focals collection of eyewear and available exclusively from Old Focals.

The Straightman

The Straightman frame from the Old Focals Collection

The Straightman frame from the Old Focals Collection

As their name suggest, the Straightman frames are not flashy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish.

Like Harry Crane, they have an intelligent, intellectual feel to them — bordering on geek chic but with an added level of maturity.

The thickness of the frame makes it tough to read the person wearing them, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue. Onlookers are left to wonder if they just came across a harmless brainiac or bad boy with a bit of an evil streak.

The Draper

Don Draper's sunglasses in Mad Men Season 6

Don Draper’s sunglasses in Mad Men Season 6

It takes a certain type of person to pull off these Ray Ban Olympian-style shades — someone slightly stoic but with a penchant for dressing well.

The large lenses of the Drapers shield the wearer’s eyes and face, but these sunglasses say anything but guarded. Although Don Draper still shields his true personality from most people around him, his presence emits strength and confidence.

Two words to describe these frames: hot shot.

So, are you a Harry Crane or a Don Draper?

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