Mad Men Finale Marks End of Monumental Season for Old Focals


John Hamm/Don Draper wearing the Drapers

Sunday marked the end of season six of AMC’s Mad Men, a monumental season for Old Focals and our Collector’s Choice selection.

This year’s installment of the Emmy award-winning show opened with Don Draper sporting his now-signature sunglasses on the cover of Rolling Stone and in the premiere episode, and by the end featured more Old Focals designed products than any previous season.

Throughout the season controversial character Harry Crane maintained his ambiguous persona by wearing the Old Focals Straightman frames.

Mad Men's Harry Crane Wearing The Straightman

Mad Men’s Harry Crane Wearing The Straightman

L.A. Law star Harry Hamlin joined the cast for several guest appearances as a greasy, devious, slightly perverse head of an advertising agency, so needless to say he fit right in. Hamlin’s character, Jim Culter, wore Old Focals Getz frames to match the eccentricity of the executive. The shape of the frame are as unique as Hamlin’s portrayal of the power hungry Cutler.

And in the “A Tale of Two Cities,” Roger Sterling hit icon status during a business trip to Los Angeles with Don Draper and Harry Crane, sporting a pair of Old Focals’ Icons. Giving Old Focals owner Russ Campbell a much-enjoyed opportunity to show off his West Coast flare.

“I really enjoy it when the characters travel out to California because it gives us a chance to show the difference in styles between Los Angeles and New York,” Russ said.


Jon Hamm, John Slattery and Rich Sommer film a scene for their hit TV show “Mad Men” in Los Angeles.

With Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce looking to expand their L.A. office in the season finale, Russ is hoping there will be more of a California flavor to season 7, which will likely take place in 1969 or 1970, major turning points in American history.

“Being able to embrace 1969 and all the fashion, style and cultural changes that came with it would be a great opportunity to show off the diversity of the Old Focals collection,” Russ said.

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