Tart Arnels Are they authentic?

Old Focals -  vintage Tart Arnel frames

Authentic vintage Tart Arnel frames.

Tart Arnels Authentication

To authenticate a vintage Tart Arnel* first look for the oTe shield. It’s usually stamped into the temple, sometimes lightly and/or crooked. On the black frames white paint was added to the shield.

Then look at the frames closely. Most vintage Tart Arnel stock will have very light surface scratches, which may not be visible to the naked eye, but reduce the sheen of the plastic. Hold a new pair of frames next to them to compare.

Tart Arnel Stamp

Tart Arnel Stamp

Check out the hinges and rivets. On vintage Tart Arnels they will most likely look old: oxidation, tarnished metal or some kind of coloration.

If you’re still not sure the frame you want is really vintage or a Tart Arnel — then ask us!

* A company has bought the rights to the Tart Optical name and logo and is producing new frames.

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